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Retreat in a Blue Zone: Elissa Epel and Rosh Joan Halifax at Blue Spirit

JANUARY 6-13, 2018 at Blue Spirit, Costa Rica
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Your Vibrant Healthspan
Stress Resiliency, Cell Renewal & the Telomere Effect
Elissa Epel, PhD

Most of us have gotten so used to living in a matrix of stress—with constant demands on our time and attention—that we don’t even notice how stressed our body really is. But our cells are paying attention to stress levels. Learn the fascinating science behind how our cells age, and how simple, small choices and mindful attention during our day can promote psychological resilience and slow cell aging (telomeres). Discover fresh approaches, mind states, nutrition, aspects of sleep, and stress management practices you can take home. Elissa Epel also talks with Joan Halifax Roshi and Stephan Rechtschaffen about contemplative science and practices that promote a vital healthspan.