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One of the best resources we have to fuel our research comes from the generous and visionary support of people like you – people who share our quest to improve the quality of life for all people

Our research depends largely on NIH funding, a very limited resource. With your support, we can take on more novel projects, and help our efforts translate to real world interventions.  If you have the means, and care about this work, please consider supporting our laboratory, in one of the following areas, or discussing the possibility of support with Drs. Epel and Prather. Please email us at or, to set up a time to discuss your interests. 

1. Promoting Stress RESILIENCE for vulnerable populations

Chronic stress can get “under the skin” and contribute to the development and progression of health problems, both mental and physical.  Interestingly, the health of many individuals who face adversity remains intact and some actually thrive.  One of our research goals is to identify who these “resilient” people are, what makes them different, and how can we harness those characteristics to improve the lives of stressed populations more generally.     

The AME Center’s research strives to cultivate novel mobile and group interventions using science based strategies such as shifting mindsets or using intensive meditation to mitigate the impact of stress for vulnerable populations.

In particular our research efforts actively support family caregivers of people living with chronic conditions of dementia and autism.


Research on health and longevity typically assesses people’s mental and physical health with validated research tools, but usually does not give people feedback.

The AME Center Track Your Life platform aims to deliver easily accessible, scientifically based, individualized support in real time to encourage users to live each day more fully and enhancing our healthspan – which we define as years of healthy life.

We believe that developing tools that support people in improving awareness of their own tendencies (psychological, spiritual, lifestyle), how they change over time (with conscious effort or not) can help us to live with intention, purpose, and vibrant health.

We are developing a “Track your life” platform. Help us build it!

3. Behavior change we can sustain

Each day we hear about the importance of positive health behaviors in maintaining and promoting health.  Yet, we often make choices at odds with our health when under duress.  Why? Through careful laboratory and field research studies, the AME Center is piecing together the evidence and illuminating the mechanisms, from the brain to behavior, that will help individuals develop and sustain positive health behaviors that promote healthspan, such as a healthy way of eating, physical activity, and quality sleep.  As our knowledgebase grows, we plan to build and modify established health behavior interventions to improve these areas. Please consider contributing to the cause. 


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