Some personality traits are associated with bigger stress responses. To determine whether aspects of your personality could affect how you respond when stressful events come your way, take some of the assessments here. Whatever you learn about your personality, celebrate it. Personality is the spice of life, and knowledge about it is power. There is no right or wrong way to be. The point is to know yourself and be aware of your tendencies, not to change your personality. In fact, personality cannot change easily. It tends to be stable. Both genetics and life experiences have shaped our temperament.  

Over time, stress responses add up to have effects on our bodies including our telomeres. But still there are many ways to shift our responses to stress so that they do not wear us out as much(the focus of Part 2). The more we are aware of our general tendencies, the more we can notice and live better with our natural habits of reacting to stress.

Here we share assessments of stress response style, hostility, conscientiousness, and purpose in life.  Many of the personality assessments shared here are ones I created that are similar to the non-public original versions.  The Telomere Effect book has more original research assessments than shared here, such as rumination, and optimism/pessimism, (because many research scales are not for use on a website). 

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