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Stress Resilience (SRS) Study

Feeling Stressed or Down? Build your resilience with UCSF researchers. 

Join the very first study to examine how innovative breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercises may improve your mental and physical health. 

No one is left untouched by the stress of day to day life. Finances, family, jobs and relationships can take a toll over time, and create 'wear and tear' on mental and physical health. Now, leading researchers from UCSF  who are experts on stress resilience, mood, and aging, are identifying what methods are most effective to promote your stress resilience. We are now inviting women aged 30-60 to participate in the Stress Resilience Study. 

Your participation, now and over time, will help us improve the health of our individuals experiencing chronic stress and depression. Contributing to science helps us move toward a healthier future for yourself and others. 

Over 1 month, study participants will complete questionnaires, come to UCSF for an in person clinic assessments where body measurements will be collected. Then, over 3 weeks, you'll be trained in a unique stress resilience technique and practice daily. Finally, we will invite you back for a second visit to measure your body again!  You will get some of your personal results at the end of the study.

To express interest in this study, please email

P.I.: Elissa Epel, PhD and Wendy Mendes, PhD
Co-Investigators: Stefanie Mayer, PhD, Aric Prather, PhD, Ashley Mason, PhD
Study Coordinator: Samantha Schilf, BA


DELISH Study: Diabetes Education to Lower Insulin, Sugars and Hunger


UCSF seeks adults with type 2 diabetes for low-carbohydrate diet study. 

Trying to improve your diabetes through diet? Are food cravings a challenge?

Participate in a study on diet, diabetes, and food cravings!


Study participants will:

  • Follow a low-carbohydrate diet that emphasizes non-starchy vegetables, fats, and proteins, and limits starches and sugars

  • Receive 15 supportive group sessions to learn and implement a low-carbohydrate diet to help manage your diabetes. You may also learn mindfulness skills to cope with food cravings.

  • Receive support in making long-term dietary changes

  • Complete 3 assessment visits over 6 months

  • Be compensated up to $140 for study visits

Participants must:

  • have type 2 diabetes

  • experience and eat in response to food cravings

  • be 18+ years old.

To Participate:

The Stress Free UC Study

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UCSF Employees: Do you want to feel less stressed?

UCSF researchers in the AME Center are conducting an 8-week study examining the relationship between stress, health and mindfulness, in UCSF employees.

Participants will be divided randomly into two groups:

  • The meditation group will be given free access to the Headspace app and will be asked to practice mindfulness for 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks. 

  • The waitlist group will be given free access to the application at the end of the study, 4 months later

  • Both groups will be asked to complete 5-6 short questionnaires over the course of one year. 

You can participate from anywhere; no in-person visits or medication required. All participants will be entered into a drawing for a 2-night hotel stay in Napa! 

This opportunity is open to all faculty, staff and trainees, so please spread the word! If you, or anyone you know is interested, please visit and take our eligibility screener!


Want to Understand your Stress and Recognize Your Daily Emotions?


You can contribute to research on daily emotion awareness and stress!

As a participant, you would:

  • Receive an Emotion Tracking App developed at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.

  • Take short surveys before and after you track your emotions on stress, resilience and wellbeing.

  • Receive a report of your daily and weekly emotional experiences.


You may qualify if you: 

  • Are 18-80 years old and English speaking

  • Have an iPhone

  • Can commit to responding to texts twice a day for two weeks.

Please email for more information about joining the study.