A Message from Dr. Elissa Epel on the Telomere Effect

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and I spent several years to bring the full story of telomere science to the public. Our book, The Telomere Effect goes from the basic cell biology to daily life to societal factors that are linked to telomere maintenance. 

Now that we have written a book about telomeres, most of the long answers to common questions are there. But there are two problems – not everyone has time to read a book for a better understanding of telomeres, and there is a constant flow of new studies. We  hope this page promotes some clarity in this field.

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Telomere testing

If you want to know your telomere length, we share a list of companies that offer this service. Get informed on what you should know before and after getting your telomeres tested. 

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Telomere effect: English, Chinese, or Spanish!

We are happy to share with you helpful selections from The Telomere Effect.  This book explains how our cells age in a way that is easy to understand, and how to slow our aging.  It gives us insight into how our aging works and has helpful tips. 

Elissa also co-hosts several retreats that combine science of aging with meditation, see them here!

Learn More about your Personality

Some personality traits are associated with bigger stress responses. Determine whether aspects of your personality may affect how you respond when stressful events come your way. 


Purchase your copy of the book in Chinese, German, or Spanish.

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Stress resilience tips on p. 96

Happy New Year! Enjoy the gift of knowledge of the stress-telomere connection with this sneak peek of Chapter 4 from The Telomere Effect, "Unraveling: How Stress Gets into Your Cells".  Here, you’ll learn how to move from harmful stress responses to helpful ones. 

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Are telomeres just indicators of disease or are they causal? Can telomeres cause cancer? Do telomeres predict longevity, or just disease? The Telomere Effect authors answer questions and cite recent research studies.