9:30am 9:30am

Mindful Eating Day: Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Teacher(s):Andrea LiebersteinElissa EpelJampa Sangmo Anderson

Date:Saturday, September 23, 9:30am - 4:30pm

Location:Community Meditation Center

Cost:Sliding Scale $75 - $200. Please bring your lunch. Code AL3D17.

Register:OPEN-Register Here

Details: Ancient contemplative wisdom and daily mindful practices can support us to live with wisdom, compassion, and ease. They can balance our day, temper strong emotions and possibly even slow the aging process. 

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Dr. Aric Prather on “Sleep as a determinant of health”

UCSF AME Center Director Dr. Aric Prather will present on panel entitled “Sleep as a determinant of health” at the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS).  October 4, 2017, Austin, TX

Panel: Sleep as a Determinant of Health

  • Moderator: Margaret Weden, RAND Corporation
  • Education and Health Lifestyles
    Patrick M. Krueger, University of Colorado - Denver, Ryan O’Connell, University of Colorado - Boulder, and Jarron M. Saint Onge, The University of Kansas
  • Biopsychosocial Determinants of Sleep and Wellbeing for Teens in Fragile Families: Studying Sleep Health in a Population Health Sciences Framework
    Lauren Hale, Stony Brook University, Soomi Lee, Penn State University, Sarah James, Princeton University,  Nikki NahmodMike StrayerLindsay Master, and Orfeu Buxton, Penn State University
  • Sleep, socioeconomic status, and susceptibility to infectious illness
    Aric Prather, University of California - San Francisco
  • Sleep, Education, and Disability
    Elliot Friedman, Purdue University and Patrick M. Krueger, University of Colorado - Denver

For more information visit:


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4:30pm 4:30pm

Hungry For Change: Food Insecurity, Stress, and Obesity at UCLA

Register now for free at

The 11th Annual Sugar, Stress, Environment, and Weight (SSEW) Symposium, presented by the UCSF Center for ObesityAssessment, Study and Treatment (COAST) and the UCLAResnick Program for Food Law and Policy, brings togetherleading researchers to present the latest science on how thefood we eat and the stress we experience create a perfect storm, accelerating one of the most urgent public health crises of ourtime: the obesity epidemic. 

Join us on October 25th, 2017 from 9:30am-4:15pm at the University of California, Los Angeles to witness critical exchange between forward-thinking researchers, healthcare providers, and policy advocates on innovative approaches that move the needle forward on hunger, obesity, social equity, and public health. Don't miss this unique opportunity to participate! See below for more details on speakers, meditation workshop, and lunch options. Sign up today- space is limited!

Visit the SSEW Symposium Event page on our website ( for more information and Follow us on Twitter @SSEWScience to join the #SSEW2017 #HUNGRY4CHANGE conversation. We look forward to seeing you there!

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to Jan 13

Retreat in a Blue Zone: Elissa Epel and Rosh Joan Halifax at Blue Spirit

JANUARY 6-13, 2018 at Blue Spirit, Costa Rica
See more details about the retreat here:

Your Vibrant Healthspan
Stress Resiliency, Cell Renewal & the Telomere Effect
Elissa Epel, PhD

Most of us have gotten so used to living in a matrix of stress—with constant demands on our time and attention—that we don’t even notice how stressed our body really is. But our cells are paying attention to stress levels. Learn the fascinating science behind how our cells age, and how simple, small choices and mindful attention during our day can promote psychological resilience and slow cell aging (telomeres). Discover fresh approaches, mind states, nutrition, aspects of sleep, and stress management practices you can take home. Elissa Epel also talks with Joan Halifax Roshi and Stephan Rechtschaffen about contemplative science and practices that promote a vital healthspan.

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to Nov 11

International Symposium for Contemplative Research

Join Dr. Elissa Epel and others at the biennial Mind & Life International Symposium for Contemplative Research (ISCR).  The flagship academic conference for transdisciplinary investigations of the mind and contemplative practice, welcoming all people who seek guidance in applying contemplative practice in their work and communities. 

The 2018 conference will be held at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass, near Phoenix, November 8 –11, 2018.

More information on the symposium here:

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IAGG Aging Conference
to Jul 27

IAGG Aging Conference

A one day workshop on : Reversibility and Mutability Research:  Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities

This is an NIA Workshop on Innovative Issues in Minority Aging Research. Speakers include James Jackson, Andreas Danese, Teresa Seeman, Elissa Epel, and others. 

July 23rd, 2017

Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA

For more information, please click here 

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The Mind and Life Summer Research Institute
to Jun 11

The Mind and Life Summer Research Institute

The 2017 Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI) will give attention to scientific, humanistic and first-person contemplative perspectives on intersubjectivity and social connectivity. Plenary presentations, workshops and small group discussions will explore interrelational human dynamics, including how we relate to ourselves and others, and to community and strangers. Faculty will present research findings on the meditative cultivation of pro-social emotions, intergroup dynamics, social and embodied cognition, cognitive ecology, implicit bias and social justice. We will also examine how these experiences are embodied in the brain, nervous system, and cellular health. By deepening inquiry through a week-long interdisciplinary dialogue, we will investigate ways in which social and cultural histories shape subjective and collective values, beliefs and purpose in life, and the mind-body complex. Discussions will highlight scientific research on the interconnectivity of mind and physiological health as well as environmental and technological influences on interpersonal connections and social cognition. Workshops will engage participants in facilitated trainings on critical issues in transdisciplinary research methods as well as social diversity and inclusion in the contemplative sciences.

Co-Chaired by Drs. Elissa Epel & Michael Sheehy

Scholarship Applications begin on January 9th, 2017. Click here to apply!

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The Art of Aging Gracefully Resource Fair
3:30pm 3:30pm

The Art of Aging Gracefully Resource Fair

  • Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Presentations from medical professionals and local experts on healthy living along with insights and opportunities to support active, creative aging. Talks by UCSF's Margaret A. Chesney, PhD, Catherine D. Printz, PT, DPT, NCS, Julianne Blythe, and Donald I. Abrams, MD. 

Visit the JCCSF website for more information, registration, and the Resource Fair Schedule:

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2016 SSEW Symposium: Food & Addiction

2016 SSEW Symposium: Food & Addiction

Mark your calendars! It's what you've been waiting for ~ Registration is now open for our 8th annual SSEW Symposium "Food & Addiction: Environment, Policy, and Individual Factors”. It's guaranteed to be an impactful and thought provoking event! 

Expert lecturers include:

David Kessler, MD, Dean Schillinger, MD and Robert Lustig, MD and Anisha Patel, MD, of UCSF, Lorrene Ritchie, PhD, RD and Patricia Crawford DrPH, RD of UCB, Ashley Gearhardt, PhD of U of Michigan, Keri Boutelle, PhD of UCSD, Mark Gold, MD, Michael Roberts, JD of UCLA and more!


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The Atlas of Emotions with Dr. Eve Ekman & Dr. Paul Ekman
6:30pm 6:30pm

The Atlas of Emotions with Dr. Eve Ekman & Dr. Paul Ekman

The Atlas project was inspired by a series of conversations between the Dalai Lama and Drs. Ekman about the science of emotions. With the help of Stamen Design, this tool was created to be a visual journey through the world of emotions. It is based on a survey of 248 leading emotion researchers and their consensus about five universal emotions: enjoyment, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear. The collection of maps is an opportunity to explore the landscape of emotions, where they come from, and the effects they can have. You can read more about this project in this New York Times article.

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Robert Wood Johnson MoodChallenge
9:00am 9:00am

Robert Wood Johnson MoodChallenge

Drs. Mason and Epel and Ms. Rashida Brown, MPH, together with Eve Ekman, PhD, Wendy Mendes, PhD, and Alexandra Crosswell, PhD, comprise one of 5 teams selected of 75 submissions to present a proposal to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s MoodChallenge. Their proposed Apple ResearchKit study is entitled MoodSync, and it focuses on understanding the daily mood and social interactions of family caregivers. Drs. Mason and Epel and Ms. Brown, will be traveling to Princeton, NJ, to present this work. 

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