UCSF Showcases AME Research: Evidence to Make and Keep your New Year's Resolution in 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In case you needed motivation to make healthy changes in 2017, AME Researchers Drs. Eli Puterman, Aric Prather, Elissa Epel, and more have their research featured on the UCSF website today. UCSF writer Nina Bai summarized some of the most important and recent research about healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep. 

"More than half of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year, and though most people set out with the best of intentions, just a small percentage are successful in following through on their resolutions.

To give you a bit of scientific motivation, UC San Francisco gathered some of the latest research behind the most popular health-related New Year’s resolutions that attest to why it really is good for your body to see them through."

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